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SafeTrac - Simple and Easy

The first step towards using SafeTrac is registering at the this site to get your user ID and password. As part of the registration, you will have to fill in the details required. On successful registration, you will receive an email containing the link to activate your account. On activation, you will be sent the link to download and install the application. After registration, Android users also have the option of installing the app directly from Google Play Store. Registering with SafeTrac, allows you to use the monitoring and emergency features.

Phones with GPS
If you are using a phone that supports java and has GPS or an android phone, then both the monitoring and emergency features in SafeTrac can be used. In addition, the emergency SMS and email, will have the precise location information. Please follow the steps detailed below to use SafeTrac on your GPS phone:

- Before launching the client app on your mobile, please ensure that your gps service is enabled. Normally on most android phones gps will be available on the same bar as wifi, Bluetooth, auto-rotation etc.
- On launching the app, the app will invoke the GPS service and start sending your coordinates to the server. Please note that you will need to have internet enabled in your phone for the trip to be monitored
- You can log into the safetrac site (www.safetrac.in) with the user id and password that you had registered. You should be able to see your current trip being listed as active under the security tracker
- On clicking the view link on your active trip a map will be displayed. You will see your current location and the map gets automatically refreshed to show your trip. Hence your entire trip can be safely tracked and monitored.
- If you are feeling unsafe or threatened, you can activate the emergency button in the app. On clicking the button, an SMS and email automatically get sent out to emergency contacts that you had registered.
- The SMS will contain your precise location information (even if internet is not enabled in your phone)
- After your trip is complete, on clicking the exit button, the app stops tracking and the trip is marked as complete on the safetrac site.

Please note that if GPS entries are not received from your mobile, you will see a message on the top of the map and your location will not be shown. The most likely reasons for this are:

- GPS is not enabled in your phone
- GPS has not stabilised. Normally on most phones, it takes upto a couple of minutes under clear sky for the GPS to stabilise
- Internet is not enabled in your phone

The demo videos listed below give a detailed step-by-step sequence for using SafeTrac:

Phones without GPS
In phones that support java but does not have GPS facility, the emergency feature can be used. Internet is not required for using this feature. On clicking the emergency button, a SMS is sent immediately to the registered emergency contact. The steps to install the app in the phone are as follows:

- Click on the download link in the activation mail and download the package to your desktop / laptop / mobile
- If you have downloaded the package to your desktop / laptop, transfer it to your mobile through the USB connection
- After the transfer, generally you will find the package under 'File Manager'
- Double click on the package to install it on your mobile

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