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Frequently Asked Questions about SafeTrac

You will find all you to know about SafeTrac here. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at contact_safetrac@kritilabs.com!

How does SafeTrac make my journey secure?
The moment you launch the SafeTrac application on your mobile, it allows your journey to be continuously tracked and monitored through the server. Therefore, your location is clearly known at any point of time. In case of an emergency, clicking on the 'Emergency' button in the application, sends an SMS and email to the emergency contact numbers that you have registered. Since your location is already known, help can rush in immediately.

How does SafeTrac work?
The SafeTrac application installed on your mobile continuously sends in your location details to the server. With the location information, the entire trip is displayed on a map pointing to your exact location. In case of an emergency, the emergency button is activated and an alert SMS and mail is sent to the registered emergency contact.

How much does it cost to install SafeTrac and use the service?
KritiLabs through its social service trust, Lokalex (www.lokalex.com) have launched this as a social intiative to promote safety and security. This service is provided entirely free of cost. Hence, there is no cost involved in installing and using the SafeTrac service.

Does SafeTrac work on all mobile phones?
The current version of SafeTrac works on GPS enabled Android phones. You will need to have internet enabled in your mobile phone, for SafeTrac to communicate your location to the server. Work is in progress to extend this application to other platforms. We will keep you updated with the progress on other platforms.

Does SafeTrac work in all geographies?
Currently, this service is limited to India.

Can multiple phones be attached the same user id?
No. The primary purpose of SafeTrac is to safely monitor and track an individual in case of an emergency. Hence currently, only one mobile phone with SafeTrac application installed in it can be tracked with a user id.

Can my movements be always tracked? Does it compromise my privacy?
No. Your location is tracked by SafeTrac only when you launch the application. When you are in a safe environment, you will not be using SafeTrac and hence your movement will not be tracked. But when you are travelling at night or you feel unsafe, it is better to launch SafeTrac and feel secure.

Do I need to register again to reinstall the application in my mobile?
No. When you log into the server, there is a download link available. Clicking on that link, automatically sends an email with application link to your registered email ID.

Can I use the installation link in multiple mobile phones?
No. Each application is unique and is restricted to the mobile number that you have specified during registration. The application may not work properly if you use the same link to install it in multiple mobile phones.

How does the emergency feature work?
When you click on the emergency button, an alert SMS is sent to the emergency contact mobile number that you have registered. Also, an email is sent out to the emergency email ID that you have registered. Your location can be immediately tracked in the server and people can rush in to help. Please note that since this feature involves multiple people rushing in to help you, we recommend that this be used only in case of an emergency or when you feel unsafe.

If my contact and emergency contact details have changed, how do I update SafeTrac with the new information?
After signing into SafeTrac, you can use the 'My Profile' link to update your contact information. Please note that your SafeTrac userID and mobile number cannot be changed.

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