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SafeTrac - Your Safety & Security

Welcome to SafeTrac! SafeTrac is a free mobile app that provides enhanced safety and security. SafeTrac allows automatic monitoring and tracking of your journey. With the click of a button, You can immediately raise an alert in case of any threat or emergency and an SMS gets sent to your emergency contact. Since your location is known and tracked, help is never faraway! With SafeTrac, you are never alone and your journey is always safe and secure!

KritiLabs through its social service trust, Lokalex has launched this as a social intiative to promote safety and security.SafeTrac is really simple and convenient to use. The application is easy to download and install.

SafeTrac app is now available for android as well as basic phones! Most basic phones that support java can now have SafeTrac! Work is in progress to extend this to other platforms.

If you have an Android phone, you can register at this site and directly download the free SafeTrac app from Google Play Store. If you have a mobile that supports java, then the link for downloading the app will be sent to you after registration.


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